Comprehensive Mobile Car Inspection in Sydney for Durable Functioning of Your Automobile

Reliable and Complete Mobile Car Inspection Sydney

Do you think that your automobile needs a thorough and reliable inspection prior to making a purchase? Discount Mobile Mechanic offer professional mobile car inspection Sydney. We hold an expert team of personnel, committed to provide the prompt services. We carry out prompt inspection to deliver a complete inspection report for a safe driving. What you are required to do is just give us a call in the morning of the day for the vehicle, you have opted for. We’ll attempt to come on the same day. In case if we become unable to accommodate you on the same day, we’ll arrange a suitable time for a meeting with a mutually selected time.

Delivering Detailed Reports Including Potentional Risks of Vehicle

Even if you are buying a used or new car, Discount Mobile Mechanic understands how to handle the vehicle on the craggy beach side. We ensure your automobile will be as good after our inspection, as we claim. Our reliable and comprehensive vehicle inspection works best for any make and model. We provide complete confidence to the clients that they are not purchasing a worthless product. The inspection will primarily include potential risks or failures existing in the automobile. A detailed report involving the history, condition of the car, main accidental damages or repairs along with the REVS check is provided to the client.

Buy a Good Quality Used Vehicle – Tip to Prevent Traps

Discount Mobile Mechanic always recommends buying a new vehicle. Used cars mostly hold technical or main accidental issues. Due to the lack of financial resources, you may consider buying a used car. Hidden cost(s) may be incurred or your vehicle might contain any electrical or mechanical problems.

In pre-purchase car inspection, we always disclose all the concealing issues so you may not buy a defected vehicle. We understand that buying a used car too needs a heavy investment. That’s why we check the vehicle thoroughly. All the pros and cons are revealed so you can think twice before making a final decision.

Initial Checks for a Used Car

In case you buy a used car, we always check the type, alignment and configuration of the tyres. It shows a great deal about the owner’s use, their level of maintaining a car and its overall condition. Discount Mobile Mechanic performs various checks on a car. To avoid time and cost being incurred in getting the mechanical services, you can do these checks yourself. During pre-purchase car inspection, we make some initial checks like:

  • The brand, size and type of all the tyres are the same. Usually the owners that hold back on the tyres also ignore the vehicle servicing or repairing.
  • We greatly prioritise wheel alignment or wheel balancing. Accurate pressure in tyres is mainly focused to know whether the suspension is damaged or perfect?
  • Discount Mobile Mechanics always check the stamped log book. Is it displaying service items or the regular service intervals? As per the car manufacturer’s guidelines, does the car have the regular service from any other professional mechanic?
  • Are there any stains of oils on the garage floor?
  • Are the gaps between the doors and body panels equal in width and colour? Any crease(s) or small dent(s) that you may find by standing at the back side of the car.
  • Air-conditioning cooling and heater heating are the checks, we never overlook. Are electric seats, low/high beams and indicators working properly? Since replacing the cooling or heating systems is somewhat expensive, has the owner make such changes or not.
  • Check brake fluid for damages. Oil colour, level and engine blocks are the ones that we carefully check.

What We Offer in Mobile Car Inspection Sydney

  1. We offer thorough mobile car inspection in Sydney, which includes 200+ different checks and three to five kilometer road test. This is done to provide a detailed report about the vehicle to the client.
  2. We test all mechanical components thoroughly for secure and appropriate operations of the vehicle.
  3. Discount Mobile Mechanic provides complete car body inspection, including chassis and body to identify, if there are any major or minor scratches, repairs, dent or rust.